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Hynosis helps you get to the root of the issue

Have you ever surprised yourself with how strongly you feel about something? We have a deep help belief that something should be happening and it’s not. Or we feel that something shouldn’t be happening and it is.  In either case, we are holding fast to our beliefs and arguing with what is actually happening. Hypnosis helps you get to the bottom of what is actually going on. Identifying the issue is key so that you can resolve the situation and get a better result.

Hypnosis helps you hit the reset button!

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to use for helping you return to homeostasis. Many times clients don’t feel quite the same after undergoing anesthesia for lengthy surgical procedures. When they awaken they may not feel quite “right” or have a wild look in their eyes. And that’s because when the subconscious mind is separated from the conscious mind for an extended period of time is can be very disconcerting to the client. Our subconscious mind is used to being able to connect with our conscious mind when it needs us to attend to something. For instance, you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you really have to go to the bathroom.  When you are under anesthesia the subconscious thinks it has lost connection because it can’t wake you up. So sometimes, clients find that they have difficulty falling asleep after the surgery. Your subconscious may be too afraid to let go and let you fall into a deep sleep. Also, the subconscious mind is still awake while you’re under anesthesia and is listening to everything that is being said and done in the surgical suite.  That can be quite frightening. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to reconnect the subconscious mind with the subconscious mind after anesthesia. It brings peace of mind all the way around and allows the client to fall into a deep sleep which is so needed after surgery. The body and mind both need that deep level of rest in order to recover fully and completely. Hypnosis helps!

Hypnosis resolves “weighty” issues

It’s not the behavior but the underlying issue causing the behavior that keeps us in a negative feedback loop. When you take the time to identify and resolve those weighty issues that are weighing you down then the behavior shifts and changes. Hypnosis helps you to get to the root of the problem. Once you bring conscious awareness to what has been hidden and allow the subconscious mind to choose another more helpful response you’ll notice a new more desired result. So often weight management is challenged by “weighty” issues. These issues could be from childhood or something that happened last year but you’re noticing it’s not easy to stay on your nutritious eating plan. Hypnosis will help you release those “weighty” issues for a lighter, more carefree body and mind.

Hypnosis keeps you on track…

Many clients tell me they’ve lived this sign for a long time. The constant yoyo created by good intentions and unconscious behavior. Hypnosis helps you identify and release the underlying conditions that keeps you in this yoyo pattern. You’ll feel calmer, more centered, more focused and able to navigate change with ease.

Hypnosis helps you break the habit for good…

Recent studies have shown that hypnosis is an excellent way to help people stop smoking.  In a controlled study, researchers looked at 4 groups: 1 that used hypnosis and the patch, 1 that used hypnosis and nicotine gum, 1 group that used hypnosis and Chantix, and the last group used hypnosis only. The results were surprising…of the 4 groups the one that performed the best in breaking the smoking habit was the group that used hypnosis only.   Hypnosis  has a 68% to 75% success rate when it comes to smoking cessation.  So if you or someone you know needs help letting go of cigarettes, hypnosis can be an effective way to leading a healthier, more productive life.