What People Are Saying About Affiliated Hypnosis

“Today is the first day of the second year that I am smoke free, and I owe it to you and the sessions we conducted together in which you helped me see just want my mind and body really wanted.  I am very proud to tell people all about how I walked in and 2+ hours later I walked out of our session together a new person, I have not had even the slightest temptation. I can hardly believe that was a year ago!”  S.M.

“Just wanted to drop you a note as a follow up from our session a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been doing great with the clean eating, have not deviated to ANY fast food at all! p.s. after my session, that night, I had THE BEST sleep that I’ve had in months!”  K.C.

“I just now had my root canal, under sedation.  It went smoothly, efficiently.  No claustrophobic incidents.  They told me I was still responsive to suggestions and requests, seemed to be almost awake.  I remember nothing.  Though it took nearly two hours, it literally seemed to be five minutes to me.  That is just what I hoped for.  Thanks for your help, Susan.  If I should come across someone who could use your help, I will certainly recommend you to them!”  G.S.

“You helped with with my stage fright/public speaking.  I had a presentation to do….not sure if you remember, but I wanted to say thank you!  It went great!”  S.B.